15 January 2009

Red or Green?

I mean salsa . . . or chili . . . I once lived in New Mexico. You can get that question a lot there.

I haven't had any really good chili, or salsa, in awhile. Living away from the Southwest for so long, I'm not sure I could really take it anyway.

Instead, I've just been going out dancing. The thing is, there is a catch.

When I lived in New Mexico, I didn't learn salsa in lessons, I just went out dancing and tried to follow - and more or less I kept up. Where I live now, many people take lessons, and it feels more formal. It's also a lot colder outside, so I bring a change of clothing and change in the bathroom - and that feels a little on the odd side as well. Oh - and shoes - because it's hard to dance in snow boots.

That isn't even the most challenging part, though . . . the most challenging part is after many, many years of having absolutely no issue whatsoever with crossing a room and asking a guy to dance - I just don't want to have to right now. So while I stand near a tall table thinking about dancing, watching other people dance, I'm not dancing so much.

No salsa of any kind.

Because no one is coming to ask me to dance.

And I'm realizing, no one ever did. I always asked first. I always put myself out there, knowing rejecting was possible, and being okay with that.

I've been thinking about it all day (because I went out dancing last night, but did not actually dance) . . .

Another friend of mine has pointed out this is not a likely way to meet Jewish men anyway.

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